The Lallander is the first of at least three novels in a series I’m calling The Scots Chronicles. The series follows members of one family lineage over a period of some two-hundred years from Scotland to Ulster and the American colonies. If you expect The Lallander to be about some well-known (or even obscure) historical figure, it will disappoint you. None of the characters in my story have a place in history. They are ordinary people like most of us, living through extraordinary times while learning to survive by changing and adapting to the ever-shifting circumstances of their environment and village community.

Elspeth Moffat, the story’s teenage central character, runs head-on into long-fought conflicts between families, power-hungry local leaders, and church authorities. To survive, she requires the help of a small group of friends, and the intervention of some unlikely and surprising characters. Her struggles teach her new skills that change the lives of everyone she knows.

The Lallander is a work in progress. The posts, pages, and other information on this site will grow over the next weeks and months. The story will ultimately include a lot of it. Taken together, the pictures, histories, and sketches will immerse readers in a world that no one living has ever experienced.

Join me on this journey of discovery. Learn about the Scottish Lowlands in the 17th century. If you are a writer, learn what I am learning about this craft. Comment on the posts. Sign up to receive notifications of additions. Follow my blog. A world awaits you.

~Michael O. Colvin