The Lallander is the second novel in The Scots Chronicles series. The first is Lailoken’s Quest, the story of Lailoken, a druid living in 2nd Century Briton just north of Hadrian’s Wall in what is now Scotland. He is on a lifelong quest to discover his purpose in life. The gods of the Otherworld have chosen him for something very special, but every time he thinks he knows what that is, his quest to find it ends in failure. He begins to think of himself as the embodiment of the Ouroboros, the serpent of myth that consumes himself.

In The Lallander, following his biggest failure yet, Lailoken awakens in a tree, almost 1700 years later. What is even more disturbing is that he has transformed into a white raven with an attitude. But the Otherworld hasn’t given up on him. But when he has about given up on himself, he encounters Elspeth Moffat, who in her own way, is just as lost as Lailoken. Working together, they run head-on into long-standing conflicts between local families, belief systems, power-hungry local leaders, and church authorities, amid an environmental crisis that threatens everyone.

Naturally, I hope this website will peak your interest enough for you to buy both books in the series. It contains information that goes beyond the story of The Lallander. Here you will find more information about the history, geography, economy, and customs of Lowland Scotland in the 1690s that support the novel. There are links to outside resources that will give you even more.

This website is a work in progress. Many author websites are “one and done” efforts. Not this one. The posts, pages, and other information on this site will grow with time. Taken together, the story, pictures, histories, and sketches will immerse readers in a world that no one living has ever experienced.

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~Michael O. Colvin